West Coast Super Producer Debuts Mainstream Melodies
Fortified With Urban Swagger

Brent Victory or, Big Vik, as he is called by the artists he works with, is a songwriter-producer from
Oakland, California.  His ultimate goal is to write and produce for today’s top performers.  Realizing the
“underground” would not gain the attention needed to accomplish his goal, Vik took matters into his own
hands by writing and composing ALL 12 songs on his own full length CD!  With the appropriately titled
INTRO, Vik introduces a slew of talented performers.  More importantly, Vik introduces the concept that hit
material stands on its own merit, regardless of categories and genres.

“I’ve been influenced by everyone from Run DMC to Daryl Hall and John Oates--Michael Jackson to
Springsteen--Jay-Z to Sheryl Crow...great music is great music and I’m a student of the science of hit
making.” --Vik

The objective of INTRO is to demonstrate Vik’s versatility and knack for developing sellable hooks and
hits in some of the music industry’s most dominant genres.  Songs like ‘Smashed Out’, ‘Oooh, Let It Ride’
and ‘Dyno-Mite’ clearly demonstrate his passion for today’s RAP sounds influenced by Dr. Dre and Just
Blaze.  Vik is equally at home in his more MAINSTREAM/POP element with ‘It’s All About Us’ and ‘It’s Only
Love’ which was penned with Sheryl Crow in mind.  ‘One Love’ is ADULT CONTEMPORARY at it’s finest
and ‘It’s ‘All Over Now’ is true R&B/SOUL in the vein of R. Kelly.

“Really, I’m just out to show people what I’m capable of on a very broad level” --Vik
NOW APPEARING - Tuesday, August 28th! - Brent Victory @ Dorsey's Locker in Oakland!