As the rapper known as Big Vik, Brent Victory developed his love and passion for music while
growing up in Oakland, California. While the West Coast dominated the rap scene in the 90's, Brent
turned his focus to becoming an all around producer, capable of far more than just "making beats in
the basement."

With influences ranging from the hardcore street sounds of Dr. Dre, to the soft, blue-eyed soul
croonings of Hall & Oates, Brent has positioned himself as easily one of the most versatile
producer/songwriters of today.

Brent strongly believes in the art of making hits. Regardless of genres and categories - for him it
still comes down to writing a great song.

"Writing a song that comes from the heart is the easy part...arranging melodies and chords for the
broadest level of appeal while still maintaining the emotion and integrity of that song--that's the real
trick! THAT'S what makes a classic song and that is the ultimate challenge for a true songwriter." --
Brent V.