Associate Executive Producers: Phil 'Hen in the Buildin' Hennen and Kelvin Gobble
Tracks Engineered, Recorded and Mixed at Sepia Sound Studio by Phil ‘Hen in the Buildin’ Hennen phone: (510) 395-7814
Written, Produced and Arranged by Brent ’Big Vik’ Victory
1. Whatever You Do - Melinda Mckinnon feat. DJ Impereal
2. Oooh, Let It Ride - Big Vik feat. Melinda Mckinnon
3. Smashed Out - Big Vik feat. Do Dirty
4. (Interlude) Killer BEE's Debut - Big Vik
5. DynoMite (the re-birth of Killer BEE) - Big Vik
6. It's So For Real - D-Nok, Rich Chick, FLO and Alisa Owens
7. I Never - Big Vik
8. Some People - feat. Melody Ferris, Do Dirty and Elita
9. Closer, Closer - Brent Victory feat FIA and Melody Ferris
10. It's Only Love - Betty Fu
11. It's All About Us - Brent Victory
12. It's All Over Now - Brent Victory
13. One Love - Brent Victory
© 2007 Big Vik Presents Publishing
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